Ren Bishop Luebbering

The name’s Ren, well, it’s really Lauren, but I go by Ren to be a little different than all those LBs, LCs and LDs out there. I’m a newlywed, meaning that I have a lot of free time in between my madness. During all this free time I love to read, write, watch movies and, of course, bake. My great-grandmother started the tradition in my family, and she loved to bake. I mean, loved to bake. She would cook and bake and cook and bake for friends, family, neighbors and strangers. She set the example for my grandmother, who actually ended up a home economics teacher and continued the tradition of cooking and baking. My mom is such a fabulous hostess, but she does not like to bake or cook. But, for as long as I can remember, we’ve had a tin recipe box in our kitchen that my mom would go to when she wanted to bake something. I dived into it when I was about 10 and haven’t been able to stay out since; I guess I got the baking gene. And my father is quite happy for it.

What I’m not:

  • pretentious
  • conceited
  • egocentric
  • obnoxious
  • a good speller

What I am:

  • a Christian woman
  • a wife to a pretty swell guy
  • an Ozarks native
  • a believer in traditions
  • a sucker for a good cup of tea
  • obsessed with movies

Also, I’m a professional social media specialist, writer, editor and digital storyteller. I’ve been published in a dozen magazines and a few newspapers, and I really love to tweet.  If you’d like to peruse my professional website and portfolio, click here. 


One thought on “Ren Bishop Luebbering

  1. Hi Ren!!
    I’m Linda Kevin’s aunt. I loved meeting you at Butch and Franny’s.
    I’m looking far ward to following your blog.

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